Want Your Membership to CRANE for Free in 2024?

The current CRANE board is working to improve the CRANE newsletter. We would like to have a catchy name for our newsletter. Please send suggestions to Newsletter@craneweb.org. Suggestions must be received by April 30th.

A poll will be sent out at the beginning of May for the membership to vote on. The suggestion with the most votes will have their 2024 CRANE membership paid.

We are also looking for membership content to include in our newsletter. Do you have exciting news to share about yourself? Is your registry participating in a special study or quality improvement that other members would benefit from hearing about? If you want to share with the group but don’t have the time to write something up please reach out to Ren Garcia. She will schedule a phone call and she will take care of the typing.

Do you have a suggestion for improving the newsletter, monthly meetings or the annual meeting? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the board. We want to hear from you!