Contributor’s Center

This area is reserved for articles written and shared by Members for general consumption, and contains the parameters for submitting articles.  Please review and adhere to all requirements prior to submission via e-mail.

Requirements for Submission:

Requirement include:

  • Articles may be of any desired length, but must be complete as submitted – i.e., a multi-part article will not be published until the entire article has been submitted and reviewed.
  • All articles must be submitted in the MS Word .Doc format.
  • Small original graphics or pictures may be submitted with the article for possible inclusion, at the discretion of the reviewer(s)
  • Graphics must be submitted as .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif , and should be included with your article, attached to the submission email.
  • To submit an article for review, please review the notice and submit accordingly.


All articles freely submitted by members become the property of the Cancer Registrars Association of New England, hereafter referred to as CRANE. CRANE retains the right to publish, or refuse to publish, any submitted article for various reasons. All articles submitted for publication on the “public” site must adhere to the limitations of good taste, and common sense. No libelous or otherwise defamatory content will be published, and profane language will be deleted. If you are submitting an article in review of a publication, links to the article you are evaluating are required, if available online. If not, you should provide information to your source, for reference.