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2022 Membership Dues
January 1 – December 31, 2022


Annual membership dues are $35.00. Membership runs from January 1 to December 31.

There is a late fee of $5.00 if dues are not paid on or before January 31st. If dues plus the late fee are not received by March 1, the member shall be automatically dropped from membership. Unpaid dues will result in forfeiture of membership and a reinstatement fee of $10.00 will be required. This has been approved by the Executive Committee and will be enforced.

Annual membership dues for new members are $35.00. A new member is an individual who has never been a CRANE member before.

Active Membership:

An active member shall be a Certified Tumor Registrar and/or any person whose primary occupation is involved with any or all facets of Tumor Registry work and who is employed and/or resides within the six state New England region. An active member shall be entitled to all membership privileges including the right to vote, hold office or chair a committee.

Associate Membership:

An associate member shall be any person interested in the purpose of CRANE. An associate member shall not hold office, shall not vote, or chair a committee but may be appointed to serve on a committee.

Honorary Membership:

Any person who has made a significant contribution to the profession of cancer registry administration or rendered distinguished service in the profession or its related fields may be elected to honorary membership by petition to and recommendation by the Executive Board, and subsequent approval of three-fourths of the voting members at a general meeting. Honorary members shall be exempt from the payment of annual dues. They shall not vote, hold office or chair a committee, but may serve on a committee.

Membership Application:

When you join online, you will have the option to pay by mail with a check or pay online with a credit card (AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa). You will receive two emails once you join – 1) a confirmation email and 2) a registration statement email which serves as your receipt (if you paid by credit card) or invoice (if you plan to pay by check).

If you are paying by check, make your check payable to KnowledgeConnex, include your invoice # that is on your registration statement email, and mail your check to KnowledgeConnex. The mailing address will be on the registration statement email.

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