CRANE Board: Call for Nominations

Dear CRANE Members,

Please consider running for office or chairing a committee in the year 2023.

President-Elect, Lynn Zollin has provided a brief introduction, below. I have served with Lynn several times and it has always been a pleasure. The only disagreement we would have is probably our choice of music!

Please join Lynn in continuing to support CRANE and your fellow registrars.

Thank You,
Brenda A Joseph
2022 CRANE President

Time for Call For Nominations!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Lynn Zollin and I will be the President of CRANE in 2023.  I certified as a CTR in 1997 and for many years I was in charge of state reporting at Harrington Hospital in Southbridge Massachusetts (now UMASS Memorial Health – Harrington Hospital since July 1, 2021).  Harrington completed The Cancer Center at Harrington in December 2009 and finally set up the Cancer Registry in July of 2012.  I am a lone registrar in this facility.

I have held several different positions for CRANE and am very proud of my service.
Okay, now to the important stuff!

CRANE is looking for some strong members to step up and run in the elections for 2023:

  • President-Elect – Will have a year to learn the ropes and then will become President in 2024
  • Vice President – Is in charge of the Annual Meeting with a lot of help from everyone else on the committee!
  • Treasurer – This is a 2-year term position (I have done it and it is not as scary as it seems)!
  • Secretary – in charge of all note-taking and write-ups of all meetings

Non-Election positions NEEDED (please contact me if you are interested in these positions):

  • Bylaws
  • Education
  • Ethics
  • Membership
  • Website
  • Nominating
  • Public Relations
  • Newsletter

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or interest!

Lynn Zollin, CTR
2022 President-Elect of CRANE
(508) 765-6458