Established 1974
Incorporated 1976
TRANE Renamed CRANE 2000

History of CRANE

  • May of 1974: Inspired by the first National Tumor Registrars Association (NTRA) Meeting in Dallas, Texas, Sadie Hayden and Marion Sciarappa pledged to form a local organization for tumor registrars.
  • September of 1974: The first meeting was held for local tumor registrars in Massachusetts. The mission was to develop an organization to provide members with educational opportunities and the possibility of a professional support network.
  • May of 1975: The Tumor Registrars Association of Massachusetts (TRAM) had 30 members.
  • 1975: The first Annual Meeting was held in Waltham, Massachusetts.
  • March of 1976: TRAM discussed a change in the organization’s name to Tumor Registrars Association of New England (TRANE) to allow members outside of Massachusetts.
  • April 30, 1976: TRANE was established as an incorporated non-profit organization.
  • 1978: The Maine Tumor Registrars Association became a chapter of TRANE.
  • 1979: The New Hampshire Chapter of TRANE was chartered to provide educational programs for our northern neighbors.
  • 1981: TRANE started to provide annual review workshops to help the members and nonmembers to take the National Certification exam for tumor registrars to achieve the level of CTR.
  • 1982: The Maine Chapter withdrew from TRANE.
  • 1986: TRANE hosted the NTRA Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • 1994: The New Hampshire Chapter of TRANE dissolved to form the New England States Cancer Registrars Association (NESCRA).
  • May 26-29, 1998: The National Cancer Registrars Association held the NCRA annual meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • 1999: The membership voted to change the name of TRANE. Contest results were a name change to Cancer Registrars Association of New England (CRANE).
  • 2000: TRANE was officially changed to CRANE. The 25th Annual Meeting was held in Providence, Rhode Island.
  • 2003: NESCRA dissolved with many of the membership returning to CRANE.
  • 2009: CRANE launches a new website live – www.craneweb.org
  • October 25-26, 2010: CRANE 35th Annual Meeting is being held in Nashua, NH.

Past Presidents

1975: Annette Born
1976: Ann Gibson
1977: Margaret Martin
1978: Rosemary Clive
1979: Rosemary Clive
1980: Mary Anderson
1981: Mary Anderson
1982: Nancylee Campbell
1983: Nancylee Campbell
1984: Shirley Foret
1985: George Hannouch
1986: Karen Lucas
1987: Carolyn Gray/Scott
1988: Cynthia Dreyer
1989: Judy Rososky
1990: Mary LeMieux
1991: David Rousseau
1992: Carolyn Gray/Scott/McCalvey
1993: Susan O’Hara
1994: Eileen Sharkey
1995: Cheryl Sheridan
1996: Susan Lasky
1997: Deborah Perriello
1998: Catherine Gray
1999: Nancy Hinchliffe
2000: Heidi Allen
2001: Dianne Hultstrom
2002: Susan Gershman
2003: Shirley Foret
2004: Jane Nalwalk
2005: David Rouseau
2006: Ruth Maranda
2007: Hope Valcarcel
2008: Nancy Hinchliffe
2009: Deborah Perriell
2010: Carol Shaw Venuti
2011: Carole Carter
2012: Cheryl Sheridan
2013: Terry Vallerand
2014: Susan MacKenzie
2015: David Rousseau
2016: Catherine Gray